Overhaul service

In addition to the production of new goosenecks for hot chamber zinc or magnesium machines, Brondolin offers a refurbishing service for the same. A dedicated production line, starting with special equipment that removes the residuals of the alloy used allows us to fully restore the injection system functionality. A refurbishing procedure is also available for the sleeve, if determined to be economically feasible after evaluation. Brondolin works with respect to the environmental laws during all phases of production.

Cold chamber
Every type of shot sleeve can be subject to refurbishing. Processing is always completed with thermal nitriding treatment. There are three possible overhaul modes:

  • internal diameter increase;
  • pouring area partial bush insertion;
  • complete bush insertion.
Hot chamber zinc
Brondolin carries out overhauling of any type of gooseneck. The procedure comprises the following phases:
  • cleaning in an acid bath, to remove all zinc residues present after extraction from the furnace;
  • extraction of existing sleeve (the part of the gooseneck subject to wear and tear);
  • control and/or refurbishing of the nozzle cone housings;
  • control and cleaning of the feed channel;
  • grinding of the housing and insertion of the new sleeve.
Hot chamber magnesium
The refurbishing, which can be carried out on all types of gooseneck, involves the following operations:
  • cleaning in an acid bath to remove magne sium residues present after extraction from the furnace;
  • new diameter lapping for the plunger housing;
  • control and refurbishing of the nozzle cone housing;
  • control and cleaning of the feed channel;
  • final nitriding thermal treatment, on request.


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