The feasibility study

The feasibility study is a fundamental starting point to define the project’s technical and commercial guidelines. According to the given technical parameters, we can develop the best solution to allow our customer to reach the optimal production performance, both from the qualitative and the economic points of view.

Technical office

In the technical office, Brondolin has implemented important improvements by the use of virtual tools, preventive analysis, quality and production systems. Everything is done to design and produce high-tech products more and more efficiently, consistently and to offer our customers the best performance which translates into higher profitability and improved competitiveness. The preventive simulation analysis helps foresee problems and prevent manufacturing errors. All tests and design phases are done according to the procedures, methods and test conditions required by the standardisation authorities. The order scheduling is controlled by up-to-date ERPs that manage the remaining production resources availability.

Doc material

Brondolin is the only company in the market that directly selects the raw material from the best national and international producers. An accurate analysis of the steel by our lab reveals in advance its structural characteristics and its potential reaction to the following production phases.

Shot sleeve machining process

The first production phase is the shot sleeve. The machine has been specifically designed and can turn the sleeve from both directions with rapid chip removal. This becomes an advantage because it allows for a reduced cycle time and improved production schedule.

Internal diameter drilling

The sleeve begins to take shape after the internal diameter drilling. During these first production phases a suitable machining allowance is left to compensate for some deformation that will arise during heat treatment.

Deep hole drilling and temperature circuit system

Brondolin more and more wishes to bring the customer towards a temperature controlled sleeve circuit system to improve performance and increase the quality of the casting. For this reason an accurate deep hole drilling process is a very important step in the sleeve production cycle. The completion of the temperature control circuit takes place by making the connections in the mould side.

Heat treatment

The heat treatment phase is also extremely important. Taking advantage of 50 years of heat treating experience, Brondolin has refined their heat treat cycle, specifically with the salt bath process, to achieve the optimal grain structure so they can provide the best solution for their product’s end use. Against all market trends, we choose to keep using and developing this complex treatment process, in order to give our customers a product that is unmatched. Our analysis lab completes the company specifications, with an accurate structure check before and after treatment. The related certificates are issued upon request.

grinding Internal/external diameter

Following heat treatment, the product undergoes finishing operations such as internal/external grinding and polishing. Finally the nitriding treatment completes the production cycle. Our nitriding process has also been fine tuned over many years for specific applications in the field.

Quality control system

At the end of the manufacturing process, quality control verifies all of the product dimension conformity, raw material certification, heat treatment and nitride certifications. These related certification documents are only issued upon request otherwise kept on file.

Test area

Components with hydraulic circuits are leak tested at appropriate settings with controlled simulation fixtures to assure a prefect seal during operation.

warehouse stock

RPH EVO is offered and inventoried in standard sizes so that it can be used by any customer. Because of this standardization, Brondolin can manage the warehouse stock to offer immediate delivery following the customer’s order. This service is very useful for our customers, as they only have to keep a minimum of stock in their inventory.


The production process is completed by the packaging and shipping department insuring quick and safe supply of all products. Our distribution network is international, in fact the Brondolin die-casting machine injection systems components are used in thousands of production plants all over the world.


About us

Industry leader in the manufacturing of shot send components for the die casting industry. Since in 1968, Brondolin has developed a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge thanks to which it guarantees its customers an unique quality


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